tip1 [ tıp ] noun **
▸ 1 narrow/pointed end
▸ 2 extra money you give
▸ 3 useful suggestion
▸ 4 where you take garbage
▸ 5 dirty/messy place
1. ) count a narrow or pointed end, especially of something long or thin:
tip of: the tip of your nose/finger
the southern tip of the island
a ) a piece that has been attached to the narrow or pointed end of something:
There was a rubber tip on the end of her cane.
2. ) count a small amount of money that you give to someone in addition to what you owe for a service:
get a tip: When I first started driving a taxi I didn't get very good tips.
leave/give a tip: Shall we leave a tip for the waiter?
3. ) count a useful suggestion:
tip on: The booklet gives a lot of useful tips on flower arranging.
a ) a piece of special or secret information:
tip on: I've got a good tip on a horse in the Derby.
give someone a tip: The police were given a tip on where they might find the killer.
a hot tip (=a very good one): Occasionally my stockbroker comes up with a hot tip for me.
4. ) count BRITISH a DUMP where you leave garbage
5. ) singular BRITISH INFORMAL a dirty or messy place
(just) the tip of the iceberg
a problem or difficult situation that shows that a much more serious problem exists:
The recent riots are just the tip of the iceberg.
on the tip of your tongue
if a word, name, etc. is on the tip of your tongue, you know it but cannot remember it at the time you are speaking
tip 2 [ tıp ] verb **
▸ 1 (make something) fall
▸ 2 give extra money
▸ 3 put/be at angle
▸ 4 say who will succeed
▸ 5 pour something somewhere
▸ 6 hit something very lightly
▸ 7 dump garbage
1. ) tip or tip over intransitive or transitive to fall or make something fall:
Be careful that vase doesn't tip.
The baby has tipped over her milk.
The cart came around the corner too fast and tipped onto its side.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to give someone a small amount of money in addition to what you owe for a service:
Don't forget to tip the driver.
I usually tip 15%.
3. ) transitive to put something into a position that is at an angle instead of upright:
The dog tipped her head to one side.
He tipped his chair back and looked at me.
a ) intransitive to move into a position that is at an angle
4. ) transitive usually passive to say who you think will get a particular job or be successful at something:
tip someone/something to do something: He is tipped to take over from the current chairman.
5. ) transitive to pour something from one place or container into another:
tip something into/onto etc. something: He tipped the juice into our glasses.
She tipped the sand out of her pail.
6. ) transitive to hit something very gently:
His bat just tipped the ball.
7. ) intransitive or transitive BRITISH to DUMP garbage
be tipped with something
to be covered with something at one end:
The darts are tipped with a tranquilizer.
it is tipping (it) down BRITISH INFORMAL
if it is tipping down or tipping it down, it is raining a lot
tip the balance/scales
to give someone or something enough of an advantage to influence a result or decision:
Her youth and competitiveness tipped the balance in her favor.
tip your hat
to touch or raise your hat as a polite greeting
tip your hat to someone AMERICAN INFORMAL
to tell someone that they should be proud of what they have achieved:
I tip my hat to you, John. You've done a great job under very difficult circumstances.
tip someone over the edge/brink
to make someone feel so unhappy that they cannot deal with their life or a situation any longer
tip the scales at 175/190/225 etc. pounds INFORMAL
to weigh a particular amount:
The defending champion tips the scales at 227 pounds.
,tip `off phrasal verb transitive
to give someone a warning or secret information about something:
They were arrested after the police were tipped off.
,tip `over phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
same as TIP 2 1
,tip `up phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to turn a container upside down so that the things inside it come out
2. ) intransitive if something tips up, one end of it moves upward, especially because something heavy has been put at the other end

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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